Taking Care of Tube Amplifiers

01 Jun

One of the best units that a music lover should have is a tube amplifier. Purchasing this might cost much. It thus requires one to take better care of the amp so that it can last longer. Below are some tips for taking care of tube amplifiers.

Use the standby mode.
In a standby mode, the amp is neither on nor off. This is the mode where the speaker is not active, but the power amp and preamp tubes are active.
For good results, you need to have your unit in standby mode for at least one minute before you start playing, and after you are done playing. In case you have been playing for long, you ought to keep your amp in standby mode to wait for everything to cool down. By following the amp in standby mode, you will be increasing the tube's life.

Make sure that the ventilation is enough
Tube amps usually run hot more so when they are wired in class A. You can prevent them from running too hot to make sure that there is proper ventilation. To do this, you need to avoid putting setlists or polish clothes over ventilation holes.

You also need to avoid placing the amp against a wall to maximize ventilation. Putting a fan in your amp can also increase its ventilation.

Plug the speaker into the amp.
Tube amplifiers are designed in a way that necessitates them to have speakers plugged in always. In case speakers are not plugged in, the amp blows the transformer. This is inconveniencing since the transformer is very expensive. You can avoid this by avoiding running a tube head or tube combo when you have not plugged in the speaker. Check entry level audiophile to learn more.

Do not get it wet.
Although this is a common sense thing, people assume it. By all means, avoid leaving drinks in or close the amps.

Getting the amp's cover wet might end up degrading the Cover. With this, the resale value is ruined. When the cover is wet, the moisture might end up seeping into the wood with an effect of destroying the wood's tonal balance. With the water's ability to release electrons, there could be short-circuiting in the amplifier. Check this list for more info.

Finally, you might end up risking your amplifier by trusting too many people with it, When in public, make sure that no one touches it. If you are leaving, leave it to a friend that you can trust. Check https://www.wikihow.com/Choose-an-Amplifier for more references.

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